Don't Ignore Vacation

You need a vacation – and like lots of folks, you’re probably long overdue. According to Project: Time Off, too many working Americans aren’t using all of their earned time off from work; it’s simply being wasted.

At Alamo, we would like to remind you that it’s time to stop ignoring vacation.


Americans are taking the least amount of vacation time in nearly 40 years. Schedule a meeting with vacation.

(Source: Project: Time Off)


In 2015, 41% of workers left paid vacation days unused. Be sure you leave room for vacation.

(Source: 2016 Alamo Family Travel Survey)

Break Room

61% of workers report greater satisfaction at work after taking a vacation. Don’t walk away from vacation.

(Source: Project: Time Off)


Two-thirds of people report better concentration and productivity after taking time off work. Don’t turn your back on vacation.

(Source: Project: Time Off)

Water Cooler

91% of workers believe time off work helps them relax and recharge. Don’t give vacation the bump.

(Source: Project: Time Off)