Easy DIY Travel Felt Board

Need ideas for keeping your kids occupied on your next trip? This DIY travel felt board is easy and inexpensive, but is sure to be a hit!

Whether it’s a weekend jaunt or on an epic family vacation, chances are that you may need some help keeping your kids occupied on the journey. This DIY travel felt board is easy and inexpensive to make, but provides plenty of fun for young children while traveling. It’s a total boredom buster!

Plane and car rides should be a joyful extension of your family’s travel adventures. These moments will become a big part of your family’s shared memories, so be sure to put some careful thought and planning into this part of your travel experience.

I always keep two sets of these travel felt boards in my handbag. My kids love to play with them while on the road or in the air, but they are also perfect for any time your kids need some creative playtime. For instance, when you’re waiting for your meals to arrive while dining out.

To make your own travel felt board, all you need is some felt in various colors, a bottle of felt glue, scissors, a 1-gallon re-sealable storage bag and a couple smaller plastic sandwich bags.

Easy DIY Travel Felt Board

Your felt board will be double-sided, allowing you to create different scenes on either side of the mat.

Simply start by cutting two colors of felt into large square shapes, a little smaller than the size of your gallon storage bag. I chose green for a landscape scene and blue for an under the sea scene.

Easy DIY Travel Felt Board

After you have two squares cut, glue a line around the edge of one of the squares using your felt glue. Place the other square on top and gently press to seal.

The glue will take about an hour to fully dry, but you can move on with the project right away.

Easy DIY Travel Felt Board

Now comes the fun part! Using the rest of your felt pieces, cut out some shapes that your children can use to build scenes.

For the first side of my felt board I cut out a blue sky, white clouds, a yellow sun, a house (each piece cut out separately), some trees and red apples.

Easy DIY Travel Felt Board

The sky's really the limit when you’re cutting out pieces for your scenes. You could even create a game of tic-tac-toe or checkers as an alternative.

Easy DIY Travel Felt Board

I also made this adorable underwater scene for the opposite side of our felt board.

Easy DIY Travel Felt Board

And don’t forget, your felt boards don’t have to be perfect! In fact, simple shapes in bright colors seem to work best.

After you’ve created your felt board scenes, simply pop the board into the 1-gallon re-sealable plastic bag and the accessory pieces into the smaller plastic bags. These are so simple to make and such a hit with my children that I try to add new scenes and pieces every few weeks.

Easy DIY Travel Felt Board

These easy DIY felt boards really give children a wonderful chance to enjoy a hands-on activity that will engage their creative minds and make travel even more enjoyable for the whole family. Getting there can truly be as much fun as the destination itself when you plan ahead!

I hope your little ones enjoy this great travel activity as much as mine have!

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