Wishes For Mom

Whether it’s Mother’s Day, her birthday, or some other special celebration, many of us search for the perfect gift, card or poem to let the moms in our lives know how much we appreciate them. But what if you could grant them a wish instead?

We asked kids of all ages to answer one question, “What would you wish for your mom if you could wish anything?” Their answers were sometimes funny, often moving and always special.

Check out the video and then be sure to let the moms in your life know how special they are.

Top Mother’s Day Wishes Included:

“For mom to take a vacation!”
“To see and experience new things, and create new memories…”
“To do what SHE wants to do, not what other people want her to do.”
“For her to continue to be happy and enjoy life…the way that she does.”

Powerful Quotes About Mom From Kids Of All Ages:

“She inspires me to take on more and more.”
“She IS the family.”
“She definitely is the glue that holds us together.”
“If there could only be two people left on Earth, just me and one other person, I would choose her.”
“She means the universe to me.”
“I wouldn’t be the person who I am today without her.”
“You give me confidence to be the lady that I want to be.”