A Case of Memories - DIY Phone Case

Instead of keeping all of your favorite vacation photos hidden away in your phone, create a custom phone case that displays your photos for everyone to see.

We live in a wonderful era in which a person can carry memories from all of their vacations right inside the phone in their pocket. But with those photos buried somewhere inside your phone, oftentimes no one ever sees them. Following the steps in this short how-to video, you can easily create a customized phone case that’ll keep one of your favorite vacation photos out in the open for you and everyone else to enjoy.

Now try it yourself!

How to Capture Travel Memories in a Phone Case:


  • Clear phone case
  • Photos, postcards, tickets, etc.
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Hobby Knife


1. Using the phone as a guide, trace the section of the memento you would like to place in the phone case.

• Tip: If you have only one copy of your memento, such as a map or a ticket stub, make a copy of it first.

2. Cut out the image with the hobby knife using the ruler as a straightedge.

3. Using the phone case as a guide, trace the hole for the camera and cut it out.

4. Place the memento in the phone case and snap the case onto the phone.

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