Coasting Through Travel Memories

Turn your vacation pics and other souvenirs into fun – and functional – beverage coasters.

Creating a custom coaster from a two-dimensional memory, such as a vacation photo, postcard, map or menu is easier than you think. With a handful of ceramic tiles, some felt and dishwasher-safe decoupage glue, you and your guests will be sipping coffee and sharing vacation stories before you can say “decoupage.”

Check out this demonstration video to see how easy it is.

Now try it yourself!

How to Capture Travel Memories on a Coaster:


  • Photos, maps, tickets, etc.
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Ruler
  • Felt
  • Hobby knife
  • Dishwasher-safe decoupage glue
  • Brush for glue


1. Using a ceramic tile as your guide, cut out a piece of felt.

2. Glue the felt to the bottom of the tile using decoupage glue.

3. Measure and cut out the photo or other memento, leaving room for a border around the edge of the item.

4. Apply dishwasher-safe decoupage glue to the top of the ceramic tile. (*Tip: If a dishwasher-safe option is not available, use a waterproofing sealer over the top of the decoupage glue.)

5. Press memento onto the ceramic tile, taking care to smooth out any air bubbles.

6. Apply a layer of the dishwasher-safe decoupage glue over the top of the photo and tile.

7. Apply additional layers of decoupage glue as necessary and allow to dry according to directions on bottle before using coaster.

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