Car Games That Go The Distance: Winner Takes Ball

Whoever said, “It’s about the journey, not the destination” either had a really boring trip planned, or really fun games to play during the car ride. We’re going with the latter.

Winner Takes Ball is a game charged with excitement and anticipation. Plus, it banishes boredom by giving players fun things to keep them entertained long after the game has ended. It’s fun for all ages. When you’re playing with older kids or grownups, you can upgrade the prizes to money or gift cards.

How to Prepare

  • Stock up on small prizes like handheld toys, snacks and fun surprises.
  • Grab some plastic wrap and wrap your prizes into a basketball-sized ball.

How to Play

  • Turns are 15 seconds long and timed with a stopwatch.
  • Players take turns unwrapping the ball to uncover prizes.
  • Tearing the plastic wrap is not allowed!

Looking to keep the family occupied on your next trip? Check out this easy and fun car game that is sure to be a hit!