Car Games That Go the Distance: Radio Warrior

We’re bringing you another modern twist on a classic car game. Radio Warrior is fast, easy and fun to play. Plus, it gives you an excuse to change the radio station.

Radio Warrior doesn’t require any prep work and the rounds move quickly, so you’ll definitely have more than one winner over the course of the trip. To make it more challenging, you can choose to award prizes to the person who wins the most rounds in a set amount of time.

Play Radio Warrior: when it’s suspiciously quiet in the back seat and you think the little ones might be up to something.

How to Play

  • To begin, the front passenger turns the radio volume all the way down.
  • Each player picks a word or a phrase and announces it to the other players.
  • The winner is the first person to hear their word or phrase when the front passenger turns the radio volume up again.

Radio Warrior Car Game.