Waiting For Vacation to Start As Told By Disney Characters

The time leading up to vacation is really exciting, so we enlisted the help of our favorite Disney characters to embody the experience.

There are some universal experiences that humanity shares, no matter who or where we are. These include things like birthdays, watching shooting stars, and perhaps most importantly, waiting to go on vacation. We’ve put this special experience into GIF form, with the help of some of our favorite Disney characters. Why? Well we’re killing time until our next vacation, of course.

It’s the night before the big travel day and you can’t sit still you’re so excited.


But wait, you have to pack.


And clean your house, so you don’t come home to a disaster area.

Snow White

And don’t forget to water those plants!


Okay, back to excited!

The Lion King

You can’t sleep at all because of the anticipation.

Peter Pan

You wake up early to hit the road.

Goofy Movie

... But not before the all-important stop for road snacks.


And just like that, your vacation has officially begun!

Kronk and Yzma


*This post was originally published on Ohmy.Disney.com