Reclaim Your Vacation

Do you feel guilty for taking time off work to go on vacation? If so, you’re not alone. Each year, the Alamo Family Vacation Survey explores the vacation attitudes and behaviors of Americans, and this year we uncovered a big surprise: a large percentage of workers are feeling “Vacation Shame” – a sense of shame or guilt from their co-workers for taking a vacation.  In fact, nearly half (47 percent) of workers surveyed have felt shame at work for taking their well-deserved vacation, and 47 percent have felt the need to justify taking their vacation days. What’s more, employed millennials feel the most shame – 59 percent reported feeling a sense of shame for taking or planning a vacation compared to those 35 or older (41 percent).

Oddly enough, 30 percent of workers also admit they’ve shamed their own co-workers for taking vacation.  And, 31 percent of vacation shamers say they’re at least somewhat serious!

Because we care about vacation, Alamo reached out to Americans at their own workplace to get some in-depth views about the subjects of taking vacations, feeling “Vacation Shame,” and the importance of reclaiming our vacations!