5 Affordable Solo Vacation Ideas (to Recuperate from your Family Vacation)

Have you ever taken your family on a trip and immediately after needed a vacation for yourself? I know I have! As I get older, the idea of a self-care vacation becomes more and more appealing. While I would never turn down a backpacking trip to Europe with a packed itinerary, something totally peaceful and restorative sounds like the ultimate luxury to this working mom of three!

How do you plan a trip like this? Well, having your goals in mind will help narrow your search. Do you want to disconnect from technology? Reconnect with your inner spirituality? Become stronger and healthier?

Once you align on your inner goals, it's time to research different options! I'm sharing five ideas below that all range in purpose, but are affordable and all about taking care of YOU!  And as an added bonus, all of these getaways are easy to get to by car that you can rent at the local airport.

Digital Detox

These three-day experiences from California to New York tout one thing: an off-the-grid experience. The rules? No phones, laptops, bosses or work talk. In these three days, Digital Detox focus on movement, writing, mindfulness, healthy and conscious eating, yoga, meditation and creativity.

Photo Courtesy of Digital Detox

Red Mountain Resort  

As a girl who grew up in Arizona and Utah, red rocks are the epitome of tranquility. Get your Amangiri experience for pennies on the dollar at Red Mountain Resort in St. George, Utah! This resort offers daily hikes and healthy meals in the beautiful red rock desert. Fly into the St. George Regional Airport and pick up your rental car right at the airport to drive into this secluded retreat.

Photo Courtesy of Red Mountain Resort

Eco Venao

Once you get yourself to the city of Panama via the Tocumen Airport, pick up your rental car and head to Eco Venao. This wellness experience can be as inexpensive as you choose. Camping, casitas or suites — you can choose whichever you’d prefer. These rooms include access to the spa, surfing, yoga, kayaking, volleyball, horse riding, snorkeling, hiking, diving and whale watching.

Pura Vida Retreat

Fly into Guadalajara International Airport, and pick up your rental car to travel to the Pura Vida Retreat. This retreat offers three-, five- and seven-night packages with guided hikes, healthy meals, massages and daily yoga. Pura Vida has all the elements for a quintessential wellness vacation.

Terra Glamping

Terra Glamping is a mix of camping and hotel living, encompassing all the views and solitude camping provides but with a bed instead of a sleeping bag! This one calls to me with the amazing benefit that it is 400 feet away from the Pacific Ocean on a cliff overlooking the sea in San Francisco. Perfect for stargazing and whale watching.

Traveling solo is a luxury in and of itself. Read a book, catch up on shows, movies and sleep! It sure beats trying to keep a toddler happy on a flight! I always say that you can't take care of others if you don't take care of yourself first. If you need permission to do that for yourself, take it from me: it’s totally worth it. Happy (solo) travels!

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