Best Gifts for Travelers and Travel Lovers

Best Gifts for Travelers and Travel Lovers

Travel is the gift that keeps on giving, especially if you have loved ones who can’t get enough of it. Check out this guide with some of the best, fun, fashionable and functional gifts for travelers and travel lovers.


Shake Things Up for Your Favorite Jet-setter

Eggnog anyone? Surprise your globetrotter with a grown-up model airplane, aka a twin-engine art deco plane that doubles as a cocktail shaker.


Inspire Regional Cuisine with State-Shaped Cutting Boards

Is your sister-in-law still raving about the barbecue her family ate while vacationing in Memphis last spring? Wrap this Tennessee cutting board with a bottle of Blues Hog BBQ sauce and you may inspire her to create a little taste of vacation for the whole family. Prefer a different state? Heirloom’s state-shaped collection has them all. And if you can’t choose just one, snap up the entire continental USA.



Never Get Lost with a Compass Necklace

Consider a piece of jewelry, like this compass necklace, that captures a travel lover’s passion for exploration while providing the perk of directional assistance. This handmade and customizable double-sided piece on Etsy features a brass or silver compass on the front and has a travel quote on the back side displayed over an antique map.


Put the Whole World in His Hands

These cuff links displaying a vintage 1626 world map will keep the joy of travel top of mind and near your explorer’s fingertips. Zazzle also allows you to get creative by designing and customizing the cuff links. Consider using a map from a destination you and your partner visited together to make the gift even more meaningful.


Provide a Canvas to Pinpoint Vacations

Adventures await when a traveler can see where she’s been and where she’s yet to explore. Conquest Maps' travel map pin board displays previously visited destinations while inspiring future journeys. Choose from a wide variety of geographic areas and map styles, like this world map based on antique pirate maps.



Get Charged En Route

The TYLT Energi+ Backpack is a highly efficient solution for those on the go. With a built-in rechargeable and removable battery pack, travelers can fully charge four smartphones or one tablet. The bag features 13 pockets, a trolley handle to roll the bag and a TSA-friendly fly-through design, so your loved one won’t have to remove his laptop when going through security.


Keep Their Fingers Warm (and Taking Photos!)

Ever try to send a text on your smartphone while wearing cloth or wool gloves? Odds are you’ve struggled. The Winter Style Touchscreen Gloves by Glider Gloves solves this cold-weather problem by keeping hands protected, warm and working at the same time. Ranked as the best touch-screen gloves for three years in a row by The Wirecutter, the accessory's design weaves microfibers into the linen, allowing for controlled interactivity with smart devices. This gift will help ensure that your roving pal never misses a vacation photo op again!


Help Them Hydrate During the Journey

Hide Stash, a 1-liter collapsible water bottle by HydraPak, in your favorite traveler’s stocking and he’ll soon have a new, must-pack-and-stash item for all his future journeys. This flexible water bottle compresses down to about a fifth of its filled-up size and is half the weight of a hard water bottle. This makes it easy for your favorite traveler to stow it in his carry on bag and fill up after he clears security. Good for on the plane, in the car and for staying hydrated during any adventure!


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