Good Enough Mother: The Girls Take Manhattan

Good EnoughMother: The Girls Take Manhattan: Alamo Chief Travel Mom and founder of Rene Syler shares how her #AlamoDriveHappy travel resolution put her daughter in the driver's seat during their New York City adventure.

As one of the Alamo Chief Travel Moms I’m always looking for ways to make family travel easier so we can all have more fun, myself included. But it’s not just about fun; being an Alamo Chief Travel Mom has allowed me to become somewhat introspective about my daily life and family travel, which is not always easy to do.

That introspection could not come at a better time. My oldest daughter is about to head off to college so the time we have to travel as a family is dwindling; I’m trying to make those bonds stronger than ever. I want her to remember the times we spent on the road as fun, not rushing around with a stressed out mother.

A few months ago I promised to do something that I thought would help. I made an "anti-resolution" to let go of the reigns a little and let my college-bound daughter, have one whole day to plan something fun for us to do.

What she truly wanted was a girls’ trip to the city.

To double the fun we invited another mother-daughter to come with us. Now traveling with someone else can be a little dicey at times, but we know these girls, having been on another trip with them.

First stop: Nails and let me say, after the winter we had, we needed it! The four of us decided to visit a local salon, figuring we could beat the crowds and save a little money.

As soon as our nails dried, we were city-bound! Pulling into iconic Grand Central Terminal we could barely contain our excitement as our adventure was about to be kicked up a notch!

We checked in to the hotel, but just long enough to drop off our clothes because we had things to do!

Now we live in New York State but there’s something incredibly special about the city. The lights, the crowds, the bustle and we were going to take it all in.

After sightseeing, we decided to head over to Bills Bar and Burger near Rockefeller Plaza. One of the things I love (and am grateful for) is that my daughter can have a great time on a budget and she kept that in mind as she chose this restaurant.

Good Enough Mother: The Girls Take Manhattan

Or maybe she chose Bills because of its proximity to the shopping, which, according to her, was the main event. And there is no better place for that in the world than New York, especially if you are a teenaged girl.

We hit all the hot shops and by the time we were finished, we had more bags than we could carry so we opted for a cab back to the hotel.

I’d love to say we went right back out for more shopping but alas, we were exhausted, asleep before midnight in the city that never sleeps.

Casey and I took an early train back home since she had to study and I had work to do as well. But it was a moment in time, one we shared together. And while I doubt we’ll be able to have another one like it, it is one we will never forget.

Thanks to Alamo, I had a wonderful chance to fall back and build new bonds with my daughter that I know we will both treasure.

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