Disney Family – Mickey’s Road Trip Goodie Bags

Heading on a family road trip? Keep the kids busy with these DIY Mickey Mouse goodie bags filled with car games and snacks! Check out Alamo.com for more travel tips.

Oh boy! School’s out! It’s time to pack up the Mickey luggage and head out on the open road. Drive happy and surprise little ones with toys, games, and healthy snacks inside easy-to-make Mickey goodie bags.

What You’ll Need

  • Red paper lunch bags
  • Black construction paper
  • Paper clips and colorful note cards
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Gift boxes
  • Hot glue gun
  • Colorful pom poms, straws, buttons, or any other fun craft supplies of your choice!
  • Favorite foods or snacks for the road
  • Small games or toys for the car (tic-tac-toe, coloring pages and crayons, printable iSpy games, plush toys, etc.)

How To Make It

  1. Count out the number of lunch bags you’d like to prepare. Consider the length of your road trip, and plan out a new surprise for each hour of your journey!

  2. Use a jar or mug to trace circles onto black construction paper. Prepare a pair of Mickey ears for each lunch bag. Cut out each circle and set aside.

  3. Warm hot glue gun. Use festive straws to create a tic-tac-toe board that kids can use again and again. Instead of X’s and O’x, use Mickey shapes made of buttons! Hot glue two smaller buttons onto a larger button to create little Mickey shapes. Use buttons of two different colors to create teams.

  4. Decorate gift boxes with pom poms or colorful straws, or any other fun and festive craft supplies you’d like to use. Get creative with what you have around the house. Try paints or even collage photos from magazines!

  5. Fill each gift box with a different snack, game or toy. Cut up some fruit, or prepare your child’s favorite snack or sandwich.

  6. Place items into each lunch bag and fold down top. Attach Mickey ears to the top of each bag with glue. Add a fun note, or number each bag so you know which one to give out first.
*This post was originally published on Family.Disney.com. Alamo is the Official Rental Car of the Walt Disney World® Resort and Disneyland® Resort.

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