53 Thoughts You Have on a Disney Vacation, As Told by Disney GIFs

Take a ride through the 53 thoughts that may run through your head as you go to the most magical place on Earth.

As a parent, I take magic wherever I can find it. On the rare occasion my kids listen the first time, I'm quick to call it magic. Those five minutes I'm all caught up on laundry? Yeah, that's pretty magical, too. But real magic — the kind that creates lasting memories and unlocks real heart joy — can be a little harder for a busy family to come by.

There are always school projects, upset tummies, or almost forgotten bake sales. There are carpools, stubborn grass stains, lost jackets, and soccer schedules. But if you're lucky, there are also smiles, snuggles, and the opportunity to recapture the magic of family fun on a much-needed Disney vacation.

Be my guest and take a ride through the 53 thoughts I had on our last trip to the most magical place on Earth.

1. Who just planned a Disney vacation? ME! I DID!

2. I have to tell everyone I know! (And maybe even people I don't know!)

3. Should I go dressed as my favorite character ...

4. ... or should I leave that to the kids?

... or should I leave that to the kids?

5. Are my shoes comfy enough?

6. Why can't our Disney vacation start RIGHT NOW?

7. Waiting is just so hard!

8. At long last, our Disney vacation has officially begun!

9. What time does the park open? We absolutely have to be the first ones there.

10. Team, this is the moment we've all been waiting for. STAY FOCUSED. STICK TO THE PLAN. AND FOR PETE'S SAKE, HYDRATE!

11. We have arrived! Let's do this!

12. Gosh, this place is even more amazing than I remember!

13. The park is so clean!

14. Let's go here first! No, there!

15. Think we'll see any celebrities?

16. (John Stamos is a huge fan, you know.)

17. Hurry! Let's get to Space Mountain before there's a line.

18. I loooooove this ride!

19. Let's go on it again!

20. Look, there's Mickey!

21. I feel just like a kid again!

22. Aww, look at all these little ones dressed as Disney princesses.

23. On to the next ride.

24. Excuse me, pardon me, Fast Pass holders coming through.

25. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

26. Let's check out our ride photo. LOOK AT YOUR FACE!

27. That ride sure made me hungry.

28. Do diets count on vacation?

29. So. Many. Delicious. Choices.

30. FUN NEEDS FUEL. I'll take one of everything, please.

31. Ahh, that hit the spot.

32. Where should we go next?

33. I know, Pirates of the Caribbean!

34. Let's hit up the Mad Tea Party and see how fast we can spin our teacup.

35. ... maybe that wasn't such a great idea.

36. Ooo, look! A parade!

37. The sights! The sounds! The spectacle! I feel like ... dancing

38. Honey, just look at the smiles on our kids' faces.

39. Do I spy a giant turkey leg?

40. It's SO HOT. Need shade. Need bench. Need water. NOW.

41. Must have all the souvenirs.

42. "Excuse me, sir. Can you take our photo?"

43. Hurry up, guys! You promised to keep up.

44. Fine. I'll carry you.

45. Hellooooo, second wind!

46. Just kidding. I literally can't feel my feet anymore.

47. Just go on without me.

48. Could this line move any slower?

49. Look at my teeth glow in Haunted Mansion!

50. How much time do we have until the park closes?

51. So many attractions. So little time left.

52. Look! The fireworks are starting!

53. Today was the best day ever. Now where's my bed?


*This post was originally published on Babble.com. Alamo is the Official Rental Car of the Walt Disney World® Resort and Disneyland® Resort.
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