Touchstone Family Travel Traditions: Making Memories That Last

Alamo Travel Tips - 10 Great Family Travel Traditions - Make every vacation with your family an unforgettable one with these family travel traditions.

Traditions are what bind the family together. Vacation traditions, especially, give a sense of continuity through the years. What better way to create memories than when we’re with the people we love most discovering new adventures, exploring the world around us and just plain having fun?

As family life gets busier and technology makes us less connected IRL (in real life), traditions bring us back together, create a sense of belonging and contribute to our family identity.

Let’s take a look at some favorite family vacation traditions:

  1. Photo Op: Take a photo of your family in same pose at each place you visit. Visit a site, such as or, to create a photo book with those photos over the years. It will be fun to see how everyone changes, while some things stay the same – like your pose.

  2. Postcard Memories: At each vacation spot, let the kids choose and purchase a postcard to remind them of their experiences (you can have the kids do chores to earn “postcard” money before you leave home). Have fun deciding together which postcards would perfectly sum up your holiday. These are fun to put in a shadow box for your kids’ rooms or to hang on a bulletin board. With all of today’s electronic photo capabilities, our children are telling us they also want memories they can also touch and hold.

  3. Rock On: Bring home a rock or shell from every trip; write details about your trip on them and display them in a vase or jar. Want to get super creative? Head over to Pinterest and visit the Alamo Rent A Car “DIY Crafts for Kids” board for ideas!

  4. Wall of Fun: Designate one area in your house for hanging family photos from every trip you take. You can also visit Pinterest together and find an idea to help you design a bulletin board using family vacation photos. It’s the perfect way to walk down memory lane during family time.

  5. Memory Collections: Bring home the same souvenir from every trip such as a Christmas tree ornament, pressed penny, T-shirt, magnet, snow globe, collector pin, etc., and build your family’s treasure chest of memories.

  6. Photo Enhancement Apps: Decorate your vacation photos while still on vacation with stickers, text and borders using an app such as “Photo Decorate.” When you get home, print them out and attach to a photo mobile or a clothespin display banner to create a meaningful piece of decor.

  7. Record a “Quote of the Day”: Throughout your trip, record funny and insightful quotes from the whole family. You can quickly do a voice recording of the quotes or type them into your phone. At the end of the day, create a Vine video of the family member with the most memorable “Quote of the Day.” Share the quotes during a family fun night and keep them stored with your other vacation memories.

  8. Family Faves: Keep a small journal with the “number one” funniest or best thing that happened on every family vacation. Include a picture if you can. It will be a blast for your kids to go back later and re-read the memories.

  9. Along for the Ride: Similar to Flat Stanley, take a stuffed animal along on every family vacation. Take a photo of your “travel pal” in funny situations throughout the trip. Create a scrapbook of all the adventures.

  10. The Road Less Traveled: On each vacation, throw planning out the window for one day and go off the beaten path to find a local restaurant, site, or activity. Sometimes these spontaneous adventures will prove the very best of times.

On vacation, it’s wonderful to just enjoy what’s happening in the moment. But to make an impact long-term, integrate fun, interactive travel traditions that the whole family will enjoy. These will help you create memories that last a lifetime. Enjoy the journey!

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