Capture Vacation Memories with a Fun Travel Diary for Kids

Keep your kids entertained during downtime and save family vacation memories with a travel diary! Check out our printable travel diary and other family travel tips on

Last night while driving home, my 4-year-old, Kara, began asking me if I remembered certain details from the cruise we took to the Bahamas two years ago.

I was shocked that she holds such a vibrant collection of memories from a trip we took when she was a toddler. She remembered everything about our room on the ship, all of the delicious food we ate and the fun excursions we took.

When we got home, I pulled out the travel diary pages that my kids made while we were on our cruise. They are simple pages that document the ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘where’ of the day. Each page also has a place to color a picture and a few lines to jot down what they learned that day.

I love this printable travel diary because it offers kids a way to reflect on their travel adventures.

For young children, the drawing area is perfect for depicting what happened during their day. Parents can help fill out the written portions for kids who aren’t yet writing.

When I showed Kara a few of the pages that she had made on our cruise, her eyes lit up. She had forgotten some of details, and she really delighted in experiencing those memories again.

“I forgot about that she-shell!” She exclaimed.

Travel diaries are a great way to help kids capture the emotion of their travel adventures. I usually take enough pages for each day of our trip, along with a small box of pencils and crayons.

Travel journaling is a wonderful habit for kids to begin from a young age, and it’s an activity that they can carry with them throughout their lives.

Plus, travel journaling offers kids something to do during downtimes while traveling. It’s a great way to unwind in the hotel room after a long day.

I’m happy to share my free printable travel diary for kids with you. Just click here to download the PDF, and print as many pages as you need for your next family vacation.

Happy travels!

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