Region, Gender and Age Affect Vacation Preferences

Could your age, gender or hometown dictate where you go on vacation? According to the recent Alamo Family Vacation Survey, it just might!

Could your age, gender or hometown dictate where you go on vacation? According to the recent Alamo Family Vacation Survey*, it just might!

Midwesterners are most likely to prefer a beach vacation, or someplace warm and sunny, while Westerners prefer outdoorsy vacations like camping or skiing. Southerners prefer weekend trips, along with cruises, and Northeasterners prefer to take vacations to theme or water parks during the summer.

In the battle of the sexes, women are more likely than men to prefer sunny, warm vacation spots while men prefer cruises and ski vacations. Women are also significantly more likely than men to prefer vacations that allow them to get away from the daily grind and take time to relax. They also say they have no destination limits.

Those under age 35 are more likely than those 35 or older to have no limit to the distance they’ll travel for vacation (56 percent vs. 43 percent), and couples with no children are significantly more likely than parents to have no destination limits.

People under 35 are also more likely to prefer a relaxing vacation (58 percent vs. 48 percent). The younger the person, the more likely they are to prefer to take vacations that allow them to experience new places and to do something unique.

Parents are significantly more likely than those who are married with no children to prefer theme park vacations, while non-parents are three times more likely to prefer cruises. Three-fifths of parents typically take their vacations during the summer school break, compared to 23 percent of those with no children.

*The 2015 Alamo Family Vacation Survey* was conducted from Jan. 20- 23, 2015, with 1,005 adults from the 50 states and the District of Columbia. The survey was fielded using the Research Now online consumer panel. At the time of the survey, participants had to have been at least 18 years of age or older, be married, have a domestic partnership or have a child under the age of 22, and taken one or more trips with their immediate family and/or their extended family in the past five years. Age data was weighted to the adult population based on U.S. Census data.

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