Car Rental Tips: How to Keep Your Car Organized

Car Rental Hacks: How to Cut the Clutter

Anyone with kids knows a clean car can quickly fall into a state of chaos and clutter. The same can happen when your family rents a car for vacation to explore a new destination. These four hacks will help you proactively maintain a clean and organized vehicle during your travels.

Cereal-sly Contain Waste

With leftovers, receipts and all the tourism brochures you collect on vacation, trash can quickly accumulate in the car, especially on longer drives. To tidy up and quell smells, pack a stand-up, plastic cereal container from your home (or pick up an inexpensive one on the road) and insert a plastic bag. Voila! You’ve just built a stand-up trash can to manage your mess en route to your destination. Toss your leftover food into the can, close the lid and enjoy driving without the smell of stale food.

Organize With a Shoe Rack

Toys, umbrellas, snack bags, magazines, comic books, stray crayons — you name it, the backseat likely has seen it all. The hack? Bring an over-the-door shoe rack – preferably a clear plastic one – and drape it over the driver or passenger seat for storage. An over-the-door shoe rack is easy to fold and pack in your luggage and, once you land, it can double as an organizational space to hold all the items that tend to clutter the backseat. Use the rack to help your kids keep track of their toys, gadgets and souvenirs. The see-through cubbies allow them to easily spot items and could reduce the number of times you hear, “Mom, where’s my toy?”

Avoid Spills With a Shower Caddy

When traveling, meals often are eaten in the car. Just because you’re munching in motion doesn’t mean there needs to be a mess. Make your meals less messy by packing or purchasing a plastic shower caddy. Use the caddy to hold food and drinks. The caddy holds drinks upright, which helps prevent spills. Even if a spill occurs in a caddy, it’s contained and the caddy can easily be washed when you reach your hotel or lodge. Tip: Pack a caddy without holes. Additionally, kids can use the caddy like a tray by placing it on their laps to eat their meal. This is especially helpful in backseats where there may not be cup holders.

Contain the Change

Expecting to drive on toll roads, use a parking meter or hit up an arcade while on vacation? Then you’ll need some change. Use an empty gum container with a lid to keep change in one place. Place the gum container in your cup holder so it’s easily accessible. Plus, all of your change will be in one spot when you return your vehicle so you won’t leave it behind.

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