What to Pack for a Florida Vacation

What to Pack for a Florida Vacation

You’ve met with your family, and the vote is unanimous: You’re headed to Florida for vacation. Now it’s time to start vacation planning — from finding inspiration about what to see and do in Florida to packing for your exciting getaway. Whether you decide to spend a week at the beach, camp in Everglades National Park or park-hop around Walt Disney World ResortTM, there are certain essentials that you’ll need to pack for almost every trip to the Sunshine State. Hint: Several of them have to do with the Florida weather.

With this in mind, remember to pack sunscreen, hats, umbrellas or rain jackets, bug spray and — depending on what type of trip you’re taking — the must-grab items on the following Florida vacation checklists.

Getting to Florida

Packing for a Florida Theme Park Vacation

The Sunshine State has more than 10 theme parks, including the most popular Walt Disney World ResortTM. Make planning a trip to your favorite amusement park easier with this theme park packing list:

  • Loose, lightweight clothing you can be active in (like T-shirts and shorts or workout pants)
  • A bathing suit, or an extra loose, lightweight top (like a T-shirt or tank top) to change into if your first outfit gets wet from water rides
  • A light jacket or sweater, as restaurants and indoor rides can get chilly
  • A small backpack or fanny pack (many rides have size restrictions on purses and handbags, so check the park’s guidelines beforehand)
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • A refillable water bottle and snacks, in case parents or kids get hungry while waiting in line for rides
  • Cash for vending machines
Packing for Florida: Ensure you have comfy shoes for your theme park adventures Wear comfortable shoes as you join your kids on their mission to hit as many theme park rides as possible during a trip to Orlando. Photo by Steven Miller, Flickr.


Packing for an Outdoor Florida Adventure Vacation

Did you know Florida is home to some of Mother Nature’s most diverse natural habitats, like Everglades National Park and the tropical coral reefs of the Florida Keys? If you’re feeling adventurous, pick a destination and treat your family to a few days in Florida’s great outdoors, with the items from this packing list in tow:

  • Lightweight outfits that you can be active in (like T-shirts and shorts or workout pants)
  • At least one long-sleeved, lightweight cotton shirt/long pants outfit, in case mosquitos and other bugs are out, which is especially common in summer
  • Comfortable waterproof shoes or hiking boots that you aren’t afraid to get dirty
  • A waterproof jacket
  • A backpack that is large enough to hold everything you need for the day but light enough to make it easy to venture out
  • A towel to wipe away sweat or dry off after an excursion on or near the water
  • A refillable water bottle, lunch and snacks, as food and drink vendors may not be in the immediate vicinity
  • Camping equipment should you choose to camp in a spot like Flamingo Campground, which is drive-in accessible at Everglades National Park
  • A first-aid kit and a map of the part of Florida you’re exploring
Florida Packing List: From the Beaches to the Everglades, everything you need. Home to one of the largest wetlands in the world, Everglades National Park is an outdoor Florida vacation worth packing right for.


Packing for a Florida Beach Vacation

When you’re in the mood for a little fun on the beach, Florida is the place to be. Whether you’re traveling to Cocoa Beach, Destin, Miami or Key West , this Florida beach vacation packing list will ensure you have what you need to enjoy what the Sunshine State does best:

  • Bathing suits and cover-ups (two of each so you have a spare when one is drying)
  • Water-resistant sandals or flip-flops and at least one pair of comfortable, closed-toe shoes (waterproof is always best!)
  • Loose, lightweight casual outfits (like T-shirts or shorts for when you’re out in the sun during the day, plus flowy skirts, sundresses or slacks for women and casual button-down shirts and pants for men for “beach chic” dinners)
  • A light jacket or sweater for breezy nights
  • A beach bag and towels, if there won’t be any available for you to use
  • Easy-to-pack sporting equipment, such as goggles, swimming masks, inflatable water toys and beach balls that are easy to deflate and pack (plan to rent larger items like snorkeling equipment, flippers and boogie boards once you get there)
  • Download and print kids’ coloring and activity sheets, like this beach day fortuneteller
  • Cash (nearby food and drink stands or food trucks might not accept credit cards)
Florida Beach Vacation Packing List Boasting the longest coastline in the continental U.S., Florida has more than 800 miles of beaches where you can plop down your beach bag and play in the sand.
Florida Vacation Packing List

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