How to Pack for Long Weekend Trips in Spring

Not sure what to pack for a weekend trip this spring? Travel Fashion Girl is back with a few tips for getting ready for a long weekend getaway.

Spring is one of the most challenging times of the year to travel due to transitioning weather. Should you pack for sunshine or rainy days? How can you be prepared for everything without overpacking?

Keep reading to find out how to pack for long weekend trips in spring!

Prepare for Spring Travel Conditions

The No. 1 thing a traveler should do when planning long weekend trips in spring is to check the weather. Take a look at the extended forecast before you go so you know what to expect.

If only one out of four days will be cold and the other three will be warm, then only one-fourth (or two to three pieces) of the clothing you bring should be for cold weather.

On the contrary, if three out of four days will be cold, then the majority of your clothing (roughly five to eight pieces) should be for cooler weather.

Planning a Weekend Travel Wardrobe

A weekend getaway can be more challenging than longer trips because you’ll usually have a jam-packed schedule that requires various outfit changes.

Start by making a list of the things you’ll be doing every day and night of your trip. Write down the type of clothing that you’ll need for each activity.

For a long weekend trip in the spring, you should pack a travel wardrobe consisting of eight to twelve clothing items.

However, if you plan strategically you can even pack with as little as six items! Don’t believe us? Watch the video.

Types of Clothes to Bring

Think about clothing items that can be used on more than one occasion. This is key. You want to be able to wear most clothes more than once so you can pack less, but still have a variety of outfits.

The best place to save space is with your pants. Choose one to three pairs of neutral bottoms that can be worn with each one of your tops.

Don’t choose two bottoms of the same color but stick to neutrals so it’s easier to mix and match items. The easiest combination is to bring a pair of black trousers, blue denim and an additional item in grey, taupe, navy or white.

Then choose three to four tops that you can wear interchangeably with each bottom. Choose tops with different sleeve lengths to ensure you’ll have something to wear no matter what the weather.

In addition, opt for tops that can be layered over each other if the temperature drops. Remember, layering is key to packing for spring travel!

The ideal combination would be a denim button-up shirt that can be layered over both a white short-sleeve tee and/or a black turtleneck.

Women have the advantage of wearing dresses, which are one of the most versatile pieces to wear. You can wear them alone on warm days or layer them with sweaters, under shirts, leggings, or tights on cold days. (Watch the video to see how to transform a regular dress.)

For outerwear, bring only one jacket plus one additional item such as a neutral-colored hoodie or sweater that can be worn underneath. These two items should mix and match with all your cold weather outfits.

Versatile Clothes for Hot and Cold Weather

Some items of clothing are extremely versatile when preparing for a variety of weather conditions on the same trip.

For women, tights are a fantastic way to wear a summer dress on cooler days. You can also layer a light top underneath for added warmth and finish your outfit with sneakers or ankle boots.

For men and women, a button-up shirt works wonders as it can be layered over tees or long sleeve tops in cool weather or worn alone with the sleeves rolled up when the temperature increases.

Don’t forget cold-weather accessories such as a scarf, hat and gloves if needed!

What Shoes You’ll Need

Bring no more than three pairs of shoes. All shoes should be comfortable for your planned weekend activities and be able to mix and match with all your outfits.

Choose one pair that can be worn in cold weather and one pair that can be worn in warmer weather. If needed, bring an additional pair to be worn for any special events.

Rain in the Forecast

Plan any activities such as museums and shopping on rainy days so you can spend sunny days outdoors.

If there’s rain in the forecast for a cold destination, bring a travel umbrella and waterproof jacket. For tropical destinations, thunderstorms may only last brief periods of time, so you can skip the rain gear and just wait for the sun to return.

Packing Strategies

The best way to pack your items is to use luggage organizers such as packing cubes. Not only will they help keep you organized, but they’ll also help you fit more into less space.

Choose a set of two to three packing cubes, and then choose one of the following organizational strategies:

  • Use one packing cube for cold weather clothes and the other for warm weather items
  • Use one packing cube for tops and the other one for bottoms

Wear your heaviest items on your way to the destination to save space and weight in your suitcase. This includes jackets, coats, jeans and your bulkiest shoes.

Carry-on Tips

Traveling carry-on for a long weekend trip in spring is easy, if you follow the tips mentioned above in addition to a few extra steps:

  • Use toiletries, blow dryers and irons provided by your accommodation; only bring grooming products you absolutely need
  • Avoid using 3-ounce / 100-milliliter travel-size bottles; instead, use smaller travel containers that can store the exact amount you’ll use
  • Don’t bring an entire makeup cabinet; pack only the essentials

These packing tips will have you traveling carry-on only just in time for your spring travels!

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