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If you are looking for a great place to spend some time with a best friend, Hershey, Pennsylvania, is the place to be. I recently spent a few days with a girlfriend, Audrey, and we had a ton of fun. With eight kids between the two of us, sometimes it's nice to take a weekend getaway to connect with a friend.  

Our days are can often be jam-packed, making it important to spend time with family and friends when we have the chance. Whenever I get the opportunity to get away with friends, I try my best to take full advantage.

After having such a fun friends’ weekend getaway, I have rounded up a few tips to help you get started on your next adventure for a girls’ trip to the greater Hershey area.


Hershey offers visitors a wide range of diverse experiences. I have been there a number of times with my family, and I knew it would be just as great with my best friend. The closest airport to Hershey is the Harrisburg International Airport, which is about a 20-minute drive from Hersheypark.


Of course, Hersheypark is a must-see when in the area. It's the hub of the region, and rightfully so. It's a fantastic theme park with so much to offer. From the best thrill rides, to delicious food and chocolate galore, there is something for everyone in this park. 

The Hershey Grill S'more Dessert We were able to snag this delicious s’more dessert at The Hershey Grill. A nighttime treat for sure!

Hersheypark is loaded with so many different types of fun rides; Audrey and I had an absolute ball. If you are bringing your family, look out for the Balloon Flite and the Dizzy Drums!

Looking for something a bit more high-speed? Try the Comet, a classic wooden roller coaster; the Great Bear, a coaster on which your feet hang freely; or, for the true daredevils, Skyrush, where you are strapped in only at the waist.

If thrill rides aren't your preference, there's also a giant waterpark, Hersheypark, The Boardwalk; ZooAmerica, a world-class zoo; The Spa at Hotel Hershey, offering chocolate treatments; and Hershey's Chocolate World, an entire section of the park dedicated to the delights of chocolate. Be sure to check out the history of the famous chocolate company at The Hershey Story as well.

Chocolate martini at Fire & Grain in Hershey Lodge Chocolate martini at Fire & Grain in Hershey Lodge

There are a number of wonderful accommodation options on the property, from campgrounds to the moderately-priced Hershey Lodge, to the luxurious Hotel Hershey. While we decided not to stay at the park itself, we enjoyed dinner at one of their many fine restaurants: Fire & Grain in the Hershey Lodge. 

Fire & Grain is a fun, casual restaurant featuring gathering tables, a fire wall and a full-service bar. Their menu is loaded with re-mastered comfort foods and cocktails perfect dining with your friends.

There's so much to do in this ultra-clean, very well-maintained, and very well-run theme park, making it a great destination for families and friends alike! 

Adventure Park

Another exciting Hershey destination is the Adventure Park. This family entertainment center is located within minutes of the major Hershey attractions.

Located on 10 acres of beautiful countryside, the park offered Audrey and me a variety of great entertainment. We took advantage of it all, from go-karts, miniature golf, bumper boats, batting cages, video arcade and outdoor laser tag.

A short distance away, Adventure Sports in Hershey has a 20-acre, lighted driving range with 24 practice stations, as well as a sand and chipping area. There's also an Adventure Escape Room available.

Hershey Gardens

After we got our heart pumping and filled our bellies with great food, park treats and chocolate, we wanted to slow it down a bit. We visited the beautiful Hershey Gardens

Nature is in full bloom year-round at Hershey Gardens. We strolled through the beautiful and sweet-smelling gardens and enjoyed the wonder of hundreds of colorful butterflies.

The seasonal exhibits, gift shop for both souvenirs and garden tools and the Educational & Horticultural Wing really made for a delightful, fulfilling time. Connecting with nature — and each other — at Hershey Gardens made it a great follow-up to the excitement of Hersheypark.

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Lancaster County is about a 45-minute drive from Hershey. You can also fly directly into Harrisburg International Airport, which is about 50 minutes away from Lancaster County.  

Turkey Hill Experience

The Turkey Hill Experience is a great place to not only enjoy ice cream, but also to learn about it Here, visitors can learn how ice cream is made, sit in a milk truck, milk mechanical cows and learn about the people and culture of Turkey Hill Dairy.

Check out the Turkey Hill Taste Lab, where you can invent a new ice cream flavor. Or head over to Tea Discovery, where you can taste new tea flavors. Turkey Hill is a great place to visit when you are looking for a cool day of slow-paced fun. 

Turkey Hill Experience Turkey Hill Experience


Pennsylvania Dutch (Amish) Country 

One of the most unique aspects of Lancaster County is a chance to get away from it all. The area is also known as Pennsylvania Dutch Country, where a large population of Amish and Mennonites live and work. 

The Amish trace their heritage back hundreds of years, and yet, despite all the time that has passed and the many changes that have taken place in society, they still live and work much as their forefathers did.

Visiting these amazing people and experiencing their way of life is a striking and fascinating experience. Their food and goods are top-notch and seeing this very different way of life is a must-see experience on many levels. One of the most classic ways to experience the area and its way of life if to take a buggy ride. We really liked Aaron and Jessica's Buggy Rides.

They offered a 30-minute tour of an Amish Village as well as a 60-minute tour of an Amish Farm! We all loved seeing all the farm animals, including the work horses (mules, Clydesdale-type horse, and more).

Lancaster County Amish country Lancaster County Amish country

Whatever you do, don't leave this area without visiting Good N Plenty, a family-style restaurant that I visited many years ago with my children. There something pure and wholesome about this place. It’s classic, hearty and no-nonsense Amish food. You can tell that it was all made from scratch, with love and appreciation for the craft.

It was also really great to sit at a truly family-style environment. I sat at very long tables with not just my family, but with other parties, too. We enjoyed our meals and passed those shared plates along to family members and strangers alike. It was a nice way to meet new people and chat over a great meal. We started off as strangers and ended up friends.

Where to Stay

There are many options for staying in the Hershey and Lancaster County areas of Pennsylvania. As mentioned previously, Hersheypark has a few options right on its property.

Audrey and I were looking to stay somewhere comfortable and affordable that was a little more central to the entire region. We chose the Comfort Inn at the Park in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania. This hotel gives you easy access to local attractions like the Hersheypark, Hersheypark Stadium, ZooAmerica, Indian Echo Caverns, Hershey Gardens and Tanger Outlets Hershey.

Comfort Inn at the Park in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania Comfort Inn at the Park in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania

This Pennsylvania region has so much to offer. Whether you’re seeking the thrill and excitement of roller coasters, looking to unplug like the Amish, or hunting for amazing food, the Hershey region has it all! What better place to travel to connect with a best friend.

Blue Talon Blue Talon

I hope these destinations start you off on the right foot and get you thinking about booking your next trip to Virginia. Our Alamo rental car helped take us to every destination with ease, and because we opted for a car, we were able to do more while on our vacation. I certainly hope you enjoy your next trip to Virginia!

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