Group Getaway Tips: Maximize Your “Framily” Vacation

I am always up for new adventures, so when a close friend proposed taking a family trip together over lunch one day, I didn't hesitate. It sounded fun! Especially since two other families would be joining us as well. After a suggestion from a friend who had previously visited with her family, we decided on Fort Myers.

Filled with beautiful beaches, shopping and great restaurants (especially for seafood lovers), Fort Myers was the perfect spot for our "framily” vacation. I use the term "framily," because this group of people are way past simply being just our friends, but aren't technically family. Essentially, they have become part of our extended family.

If you are interested in taking a group trip for Fort Myers to build deeper connections with your friend groups, you can start your trip flying into Fort Myers International Airport (RSW) to pick up your rental car.

Group Vacation to Fort Myers Group vacation to Fort Myers

Although there is a lot to enjoy in Fort Myers, we opted for making the most of our time at Sandpiper Gulf Resort. It was a relaxing weekend that included either hanging out in the pool or spending time down by the beach (which thankfully was only a few steps from the pool).

Fort Myers Beach Fort Myers Beach

Fort Myers Beach was ideal because it gave us the freedom to do what we wanted while still spending time together. Some of us went for a swim, built sandcastles, collected seashells or discovered sea animals.

Sea life at Fort Myers Beach Sea life at Fort Myers Beach

We also chartered a boat from Salty Sam’s Marina for a day and it was amazing! We all agreed that it was the highlight of our trip. Not only did we have fun on the boat (enjoying the views, the wind hitting your face and dancing) but we were able to jump into the ocean and discover little islands to enjoy.

Chartering a boat at Salty Sam's Marina Chartering a boat at Salty Sam's Marina

Depending on what adventures you have in mind, other great activities in Fort Myers include:

Fort Myers is also great for watching a sunrise or sunset, walking along the beach, collecting seashells and fishing. It’s simply beautiful there.

Fort Myers sunset Fort Myers sunset

Thinking of planning your own “framily” vacation? Here are a few tips for making the most out of your “framily” vacation:

  • Divide up the planning responsibilities so that it doesn't all fall on one person, and consider people strengths when deciding who does what.
  • Schedule in free time that allows each family to do their own thing should that be something they want to do.
  • Go with the flow. Unless there is something you absolutely want to do or eat, enjoy not having to be the “planner.”
  • When it comes to choosing a restaurant, majority wins.
  • If you are planning an activity (or activities), be mindful of everyone in the group and any limitations.
  • Try to find things to do that allow your group the flexibility of being together but not necessarily doing the same thing. An example of this was our day at the beach.

Our “framily” vacation to Fort Myers surpassed all our expectations. Not only because we had a great time, but also because we created lasting memories that our kids still talk about and we were able to connect in such a way that it solidified our friendship, or rather, “framily” status.

I hope my experience traveling with friends to build a deeper connection inspires and encourages you to book your next “framily” vacation!

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