QUIZ: Where Should You Vacation to Enjoy Fall Colors?

Looking to take a leaf peeping trip to see some fall colors? Take our quiz to find out which vacation spot is best for you to enjoy the fall foliage and scenery!

Red? Orange? Yellow? Your fall color can influence many things, from your autumn wardrobe to your seasonal decorations — even your vacation destination. Answer the questions below to discover which fall color best suits you.

Your idea of a perfect vacation day might include which of the following?

  • A Driving through picturesque towns, stopping and going as you please.
  • B Hiking up a beautiful mountain or skiing down it.
  • C Experiencing the wonders of nature, from watching wildlife to touring caverns.

Your idea of a perfect evening is most like which of the following?

  • A Watching an orchestra perform classical music.
  • B Enjoying a romantic dinner at a mountaintop restaurant.
  • C Pitching a tent and roasting marshmallows with your family.

Which of the following describes your vacation personality?

  • A You’re a curious extrovert on the hunt for a variety of activities.
  • B You’re an energetic explorer who enjoys staying active.
  • C You’re a passionate nature lover and observer.

If you answered mostly A’s, your fall color is Orange.
If you answered mostly B’s, your fall color is Yellow.
If you answered mostly C’s, your fall color is Red.

And now that you know your fall color, you can plan your ideal fall vacation.
Pick A, B and C? It appears you’re equal parts orange, red and yellow. So, why not make time to visit all three fabulous fall destinations?

The Berkshires, Massachusetts

Orange: The Berkshires, Massachusetts

  • Two hours west of Boston Logan International Airport

You’re an extrovert who’s always looking for something fun to do. You’re curious about both history and nature, and you love a good show, which makes the orange of the Berkshires your ideal fall color. This region in western Massachusetts is not only filled with trees sporting your signature fall color but also offers a wide variety of entertainment and culture for vacationers.

The Berkshires are filled with sugar maple trees whose leaves turn orange in the peak of the season. For incredible leaf-peeping views, drive the Mohawk Trail through the Berkshire Mountains. The trail will lead you to elevated views where you can take in some of New England’s finest autumn colors. Next, drive west about an hour to Lanesborough, where you can access a 60-mile loop drive up Mount Greylock beginning on Quarry Road. Begin at the Mount Greylock Visitor Center, where you can pick up a map to help you navigate the scenic roads of North County. The steep drive will bring you to another elevated viewpoint. Pull over and snap a family photo before driving to Lenox, a cute, walkable town located in the Berkshires Hills. Lenox is a great place to go antique shopping and grab a bite. Enjoy lunch at Church Street Café, which serves American fare and features a variety of locally brewed beers.

Embrace your love for entertainment and the arts by catching one of the Berkshire Bach Society’s many concerts during its 2016-2017 season, which begins Oct. 29 and runs through June 3. The Berkshires also offer a wide variety of museums and historical sites, like the Clark Art Institute featuring European and American art, and the farmhouse Herman Melville called home while writing Moby Dick. Finish your day off with a trip to the Norman Rockwell Museum, home of the iconic illustrator and painter’s studio along with rotating American illustration exhibits.

Peak foliage viewing period: Typically, early October.

Yellow: Aspen, Colorado

Yellow: Aspen, Colorado

Whether you’re enjoying a meal or going on an adventurous hike, your upbeat approach to enjoying your surroundings makes yellow the perfect fall color for you. Luckily, Aspen boasts gorgeous mountain views with an abundance of yellow foliage, making it the ideal destination for your next autumn vacation.

It’s easy at this time of year to understand where the city of Aspen got its name; the leaves on the myriad of aspens in the area turn yellow, transforming this mountain town into a golden canvas.

While in the Aspen area, make sure to include Maroon Bells on your itinerary. Visitors who make this day trip will be rewarded with a sea of fall foliage bursting into color on what is touted as one the most photographed mountains in North America. If you’re traveling early in the season, before October 4 and the chance of snowfall, drive two miles up Maroon Creek Road to Aspen Highlands and park your car. Parking is limited and costs $5. From there, you can hop on a bus that costs $8. Buses depart every half hour. If you’re visiting later in autumn when the driving routes are often closed, consider visiting the Bells via a snowmobile on what T-Lazy-7 calls its “Most Scenic Tour.”

Customize your hike on Aspen Mountain, Hunter Creek or a variety of other nearby attractions with the help of a naturalist guide from the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies. Tell your guide what interests you — whether you want to see birds of prey and other wildlife like beavers, or tackle the more ambitious, 6.4 mile American Lake Trail that will take you through forests, meadows and across rock glaciers.

In late fall, trade your hiking boots for your skis, or snowboard, and hit the slopes. The transformation of Aspen, from its yellow trees to winter’s first layer of white powder, showcases the beauty of the changing seasons. Take a break for a romantic meal surrounded by the mountains at Ajax Tavern, located conveniently on the mountain, right next to the Silver Queen Gondola, which gives travelers and locals alike an easy ride up to the 11,212-foot summit. Grab a seat on the large deck and relax with a cocktail, like the Gondola Car or Midnight Mine, or satisfy your appetite with Ajax truffle fries or rohan duck confit.

Peak foliage viewing period: Typically, mid-to-late September (depending on weather and elevation).

Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

Red: Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

The color of charisma and compassion, red is the perfect match for what you look for in a vacation. From falling in love under the stars to exploring majestic heights and views with your family, you can expect to be in awe of Shenandoah Valley in the fall.

Pull onto the north-to-south Skyline Drive, designated a National Scenic Byway and a National Historic Landmark. In autumn, you’ll see leaves bursting into a variety of colors, including a whole lot of crimson, thanks to the red maple, scarlet oak, sourwood, black gum and sweet gum trees. As the only public road through Shenandoah National Park, Skyline Drive travels along the Blue Ridge Mountains and offers drivers the choice of 75 scenic outlooks to stop and picnic or shoot a family photo surrounded by some of Virginia’s brightest fall colors. While you’re in the national park, keep your eye out for wildlife like white-tailed deer and even, on occasion, bobcats and bears.

Pitch a tent under the stars in Shenandoah National Park, or stay in one of the area’s quaint bed-and-breakfasts, like 502 South Main, a traditional Virginia home in Lexington that is full of Southern charm and hospitality. From Lexington, drive about 85 minutes northwest to visit Luray Caverns where you and your family can step into a natural wonder. During the guided tour, you will be awed by the enormity of the caverns’ stone formations, 10-story high ceilings and rooms the size of cathedrals. While you’re at the caverns, don’t miss the Car and Carriage Caravan that features one of the country’s oldest operating cars, an 1892 Mercedes-Benz, as well as silent movie star Rudolph Valentino’s 1925 Rolls Royce. Entry to the Car and Carriage Caravan is included with your Luray Caverns admission.

Peak foliage viewing period: Typically, mid-to-late October (depending on weather and elevation).

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QUIZ: Where Should You Go to See Fall Colors?

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