Frontier Airlines Car Rental

Earn Frontier Miles® miles on every qualifying rental with Alamo®

1 Day Rentals - 50 miles
2 Day Rentals - 100 miles
3 Day Rentals - 150 miles
4 Day Rentals - 200 miles
5 Day or Longer Rentals - 500 miles

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Terms and Conditions

Partner Rewards Program

When renters choose to earn Frontier Miles® miles, Alamo charges a Frequent Traveler Recovery Fee (Freq Travler Rec Fee) on Qualifying Rentals in US, Canada and Puerto Rico of $0.75 per day, max of $7.50 per rental to offset a portion of the expense paid by Alamo to Frontier Airlines when we purchase said miles.

Terms and Conditions for Qualifying Rentals

The Primary Driver's Frontier Miles® number must be provided at time of reservation or rental. The name of the member associated with the Frontier Miles® number provided must match the Primary Driver's name on the rental to qualify for miles. Only one Frontier Miles® member per car rental will be credited with miles.

Offer valid for rentals at participating Alamo locations in the US and Canada.

Special contracted corporate or promotional rates such as employee, net tour, travel agent, group, wholesale or package rates, crew, insurance/dealer replacement or other or non-revenue rentals do not qualify for mileage awards.

Multiple rentals that encompass different cars on the same or consecutive days from the same location shall be counted as a single Qualifying Rental even if the member checks the car in and back out during the same period.

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks after completed Qualifying Rental for miles to be posted to your account.


Frontier Miles

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