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Find a Last Minute Special

Time is running out!  We have a lot of Last-Minute Specials in the US and Canada. Select a state to find a great deal. 

Find a Plan Ahead Special

There's no need to wait to get a great deal. Plan Ahead Specials let you rent in advance and still save money on rentals in the US and Canada. Select a state or province to find a special.

Featured Deals

Featured Deals

Free Single Upgrade

Enjoy a free one-car-class upgrade on your next rental.

Military Car Rental

Government employees, military personnel and their families enjoy lower rates on leisure travel and deals on official business.

One Way Specials

Rates starting at $9.99 base rate per day on one-way travel between the airport and nearby downtown locations.

Arizona One-Way Rental

Leaving Arizona? Pack your bags and take advantage of this great rental car offer as you drive out of Arizona.


Partner Deals

Partner Deals

Partner Rewards Programs

Earn miles and points on your next rental.

Disney Car Rental Locations

Experience the magic as soon as you arrive.

Car Buying Opportunity

Now you can buy one of our cars. Learn more about how you can purchase today.

International Deals

International Deals

10% Off Latin America & the Caribbean

Get the best deals for your international destinations. Reserve and save now!