Vienna International Airport (VIE) Car Rental

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Vienna International Airport (VIE)

Upon entering the Arrivals Hall sliding doors, please take an immediate left. You will walk approximately 150 meters to our counter along the left wall.

Location Services

  • You can save time at the counter when you activate Accelerated Check-in online. Just provide your driver's license and contact information that are normally collected at pick-up and we will be ready when you arrive. You'll be on the road and on vacation before you know it!

  • After Hours Pick-up:

    Picking up your vehicle after the location closes is easy with Alamo. After Hours Pick-Up might require you follow a few additional steps, which you'll see in your confirmation email.

    After Hours Return:

    Returning your vehicle after the location closes is easy with Alamo. We'll tell you where to park it; just drop the keys in the dropbox and you're on your way!

  • Unavailable at this location

    Skip the rental counter lines and check-in directly by using Alamo's touch-screen kiosk. Check-in using the kiosk and a receipt-sized rental agreement is printed. You'll be directed to your rental car on the lot. At the exit booth, show the booth agent your rental agreement and driver's license - and simply drive away.

  • Unavailable at this location

    No need to visit the counter or kiosk. You can go straight to your car!

    In order to take advantage of this optional free service, you'll need to activate Accelerated Check-in online then choose the 'Skip the Counter' option. You will be required to confirm your protection options, agree to the Rental Agreement Terms & Conditions and enter a valid credit card (no charge is made until you return your vehicle). Simply print your rental agreement to bring with you, and you are all set! Go directly to your car, show the booth agent your rental agreement and driver's license - and get on the road!

Rental Policies

  • An Additional Driver Fee (ADR) of EUR 9.00 per day (maximum EUR 90.00 per rental) will apply per additional driver registered on the rental agreement. All fees quoted include VAT and local surcharges. Full rental conditions apply for all additional drivers.

  • Customer will need to arrange after hours reservation directly with the location. An After-Hours Fee (AFH) of EUR 60.00 applies.

  • The minimum age for car groups Mini, Economy, Compact and Intermediate is 21 years of age . Car groups Standard or higher are only available for renters aged 25 years old and above.  On Completion of the reservation, it is recommended to carefully check the local terms and conditions.  A Young Driver Surcharge (YRT) of EUR 9.00 per day (maximum EUR 90.00 per rental) for all drivers aged 21-24 applies. There is no maximum age fee or rule. All fees quoted include VAT and local surcharges.

  • At the time of the rental, the renter must indicate whether the rental car will be driven from the rental country. Cross-border journeys for the following countries are permitted: Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, France, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Monaco, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, United Kingdom, Ireland, Czech Republic, Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Poland.

    Entry and / or transit by rental car is not permitted for the following countries: Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Estonia, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Russian Federation, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Turkey, and Albania.

    If the renter travels abroad without informing the company accordingly or enters and / or travels through countries that are not permitted, the renter is fully responsible for financial obligations in the event of accident, damage, theft, traffic offenses, fines, return costs, other fees, etc.

    For airport locations, a Cross Border Fee of EUR 24,57 per day (maximum EUR 49,14 per rental) applies to all permitted countries. All fees shown include VAT and airport surcharge. If the total rental charges exceed EUR 150,00, the statutory contract tax of 1% of the total rental charges is due. For city locations, a Cross Border Fee of EUR 21,00 per day (maximum EUR 42,00 per rental) applies to all permitted countries. All fees shown include VAT. If the total rental charges exceed EUR 150,00, the statutory contract tax of 1% of the total rental charges is due.

  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) – if included in the rental rate – reduces the renter’s financial responsibility from full replacement value of the car and loss of use to the excess in case of damages to the rented vehicle regardless of fault. CDW does not cover missing items, vandalism, riots or damages caused other than as a result of a collision. Applicable excess for car classes from Mini through Intermediate is EUR 960 per incident/damage. For car classes Standard and higher an excess amount of EUR 1200 per incident/damage applies. On exclusive products the purchase of CDW is highly recommended with a daily rate of EUR 12.00 (including VAT and local surcharges). In the event of an accident, any damage or theft, the driver MUST obtain the relevant police report. If no police report is provided, the driver will be liable for the total cost of the damages up to and including the total cost of the vehicle. A handling fee of EUR 30.00 (including VAT and local surcharges) is applicable per incident/damage. The company is not liable for lost, forgotten items left in the rental vehicle.

  • One way rentals are available between Vienna and Graz Airports with a drop fee of 28.08 EUR.
    One way rentals are available between Innsbruck and Vienna or Graz Airports with a drop fee of 98.28 EUR. All fees quoted include VAT and local surcharges.

  • All vehicles are delivered with a full tank of petrol and must be returned in the same condition. If the vehicle is returned with less than a full tank, refueling charge will be pump price plus 15 EUR plus VAT and Airport surcharge ( where applicable ) will apply. 

  • Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) is an optional coverage available at an additional EUR 3.60 per (including VAT and local surcharges). PAI covers the driver up to EUR 20,000 in case of death and EUR 50,000 in cases of disability.

  • Credit cards (Amex/Visa/MasterCard) in the name of the renter and present at the time of pick up are accepted. Diners Club credit cards are not accepted. Currency loss shall always be borne by the customer. Tour Vouchers in printed paper form and e-vouchers are accepted. Debit cards/ Bankcards and cash payments are not accepted.
    Deposits: Upon arrival a deposit for the amount of the rental is placed on the credit card along with a security deposit in the form of an authorization which consists of the car class excess + 200 EUR for incidentals.

  • Basic roadside assistance covers only vehicle technical malfunction, not due to driver negligence of willful misconduct. Roadside Assistance (RAP) allows the customer to waive financial responsibility for chargeable roadside incidents such as flat battery, tire puncture, lockouts, vehicle technical failure, towing and a replacement car. Roadside Assistance (RAP) is available at a cost of EUR 15.00 per day (maximum EUR 150.00 per rental). In cases of loss/damage of vehicle keys and/or license plate number, a minimum replacement fee of EUR 180.00 plus a handling fee of EUR 30.00 will apply. All fees include VAT and local surcharges.

  • All drivers (including renter and additional drivers) must present a full valid driver’s license issued by their native country or place of residence. All drivers/renters must have held their driving license for at least 1 year (12 months). A valid passport and/or ID card is required for further identification. For non-European Union (EU) or non-European driving licenses or those with non-Latin characters, an international driving permit is required and must be presented along with the driving license issued in the home/residence country when picking up the rental vehicle. Digital driving license and/or images of the driver’s license are not accepted. We reserve the right to refuse rental if we believe the renter to be under the influence by the use of narcotics, alcohol, intoxicants, or drugs, used with or without a prescription.

    Please note: Local driving licenses issued in the following countries are not recognized as a valid driving license in Austria: Afghanistan, Bolivia, Burundi, Cameroon, China, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Indonesia, Kosovo, Libya, Nepal, Nicaragua, Oman, Solomon Islands, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Tonga and Yemen. Renter with such driving licenses cannot rent and drive a rental car in Austria.

  • Third Party Liability coverage which is provided as part of the rental rate covers the renter up to a maximum of EUR 10,000,000.00 for third party bodily injury, death and EUR 10,000,000.00 for third party property damage.

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Bratislava Airport (BTS)

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