Car Rental Refund Information

How do car rental refunds work with different methods of payment?

At the time of rental
, you will be asked to secure a credit card authorization, a debit card authorization or provide cash in the estimated cost of the rental. In addition to the estimated amount of the rental an additional amount may be required. This additional amount may be based on, but is not limited to, the location of pickup, dates of rental, size of the vehicle you want to rent, etc.

If you would like to find out the estimated cost of your rental:

  • Simply begin the on-line reservation process.
  • Be sure to include all your information such as; location, dates of rental andsize of vehicle.
  • Confirm that you meet the age requirements and select any optional additional items you may want to rent such as; coverage's offered, GPS, Car Seat, etc., it will include that information in the total.

 Additional driver fees cannot be added until you reach the rental counter but the cost is approximately $10.00 per day per additional driver.

If you are satisfied with your total:

  • Simply confirm the reservation.
  • At the point of return, the renter will receive the difference after the rental charges are deducted from the original amount charged.
  • If a renter secures their rental with a credit card but plans to pay in cash upon return of the vehicle, Alamo will credit the renter's credit card at the time the vehicle is returned.
  • If a renter secures their rental with cash, they will receive the refund at the point of return or by mail depending on the location. Note: not all locations will accept cash.
  • If a renter secures their rental with a debit card, their refund will be processed that same day. The time it takes to post to the renter's account will depend on their banking institution, renters should allow approximately 5 to10 business days.

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