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Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

25 Newark Airport Bldg 25

Newark, NJ 07114 US Opens in new application

Phone: +1 (844)727-2984 Opens in new application

Mon - Fri 05:00AM - 11:59PM
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Save time at the counter when you check-in online. That way we'll have your driver information and preferences ready when you arrive at the counter. You'll be on the road - and on vacation - before you know it!

Skip the rental counter lines and check-in directly by using Alamo's touch-screen kiosk. Check-in using the kiosk and a receipt-sized rental agreement is printed. You'll be directed to your rental car on the lot. At the exit booth, show the booth agent your rental agreement and driver's license - and simply drive away.

Follow these steps when you arrive at Newark Liberty International Airport Printer Friendly

The Alamo counter is located by following the signage to the Air Train, depart the Air Train at Station P3, proceed down the escalator and Alamo will be to the left. Please proceed to the counter to obtain your rental agreement.

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Newark Visitor Information


Newark, New Jersey, is a bustling city next to New York with many attractions. Exploring Newark with a car is easiest, so pick up a rental vehicle when your flight arrives at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). Discover the great attractions this city has to offer you. 


Newark Liberty International Airport


When you arrive at Newark Liberty International Airport, visit the Alamo rental counter for a comfortable vehicle and excellent rental rates. Follow the signs to the Air Train; the rental counter itself is at Station P3. Depart the Air Train at Station P3. After you leave the train, go down the escalator, and the rental counter will be on your left. When you return the vehicle to the airport, follow the National or the National/Alamo signs for Rental Car Returns. Learn about some of the most interesting attractions within driving distance of the airport.


The Statue of Liberty


The Statue of Liberty


The Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island was a gift from the people of France to the United States in 1886, and it's recognized as a universal symbol of freedom and democracy. The statue became a National Monument in 1924 and is one of the most popular attractions in the area.


The view from the site is spectacular, and you can make online reservations to explore the Statue of Liberty and print your tickets at home. An elevator can take you to the statue's pedestal, and reservations to visit the Statue of Liberty's crown are also available. However, elevator access isn't available above the pedestal.


The Newark Museum


The Newark Museum is great for families, with interactive galleries, a planetarium, and beautiful art exhibits. You'll also find a Tibetan Buddhist altar consecrated by the Dalai Lama and the Victoria Hall of Science with more than 400 exhibits.


Branch Brook Park


Miles of serene, winding paths, lakes, and streams make this park a great place to spend an afternoon. You'll also discover a roller-skating rink and several historic buildings and bridges.


The Thomas Edison National Historical Park


Here, you can explore the laboratory where Thomas Edison invented the phonograph, movies, and more. The lab has three floors, and you can watch a film made by Edison in 1903. You can also see Edison's mansion nearby.


The Staten Island Children's Museum


The Staten Island Children's Museum offers a broad choice of exhibits, programs, and special events. Kids can see art exhibits, play with life-size chess or checkers pieces, build their own log cabins, act on a kid-sized stage, and try on an exoskeleton, among other activities.


Newark is a large city with excellent shopping, restaurants, and activities. After you pick up your rental car at the airport, check out the above places as you engage in some culture, history, and recreation.

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