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Car Rental Deals in Mexico


Planning a trip? Check out our latest car rental deals for Mexico:

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Handy Car Rental Tips in Mexico


Mexico is one of the most-visited countries in the world and features a variety of destinations catering to families, adventure-seekers, history buffs and, of course, anyone who wants to enjoy Mexico’s many beaches.


Get the most out of your vacation with a rental car from Alamo.  Whether you’re traveling to Mexico, Cabo San Los Cabos, Guadalajara or any point in between, Alamo is there with more than 70 rental offices throughout the country. Explore Mexico at your own pace with a rental car from Alamo so you can make your own agenda and discover hidden gems off the beaten path.



Minimum Age to Rent a Car


The minimum age to rent a car in Mexico is 21. All renters between 21-24 years of age must pay an additional daily charge. Start a reservation to find more detailed information. 


One-Way Car Rental


You can drop off your rental car in a different location than you rented it from if you return it to an Alamo office in Mexico. All one-way rentals are subject to a drop off charge which varies by type of vehicle. Start a reservation to find more detailed one-way rental car policies. 


What You Need to Rent a Car in Mexico


Mexico City has a law that restricts driving vehicles in the city one day of the week, plus one Saturday a month. Alamo vehicles rented in Mexico have a sticker which exempts you from this law. You’ll also need:

  • A valid driving license that’s been held for at least one year
  • Valid ID (like a Passport or state-issued photo ID)
  • Valid credit card (Cash and debit cards are not accepted)


Refill Gas for My Rental Car


All gas stations in Mexico are full service, which means you will not need to pump your own gas. If this makes you uncomfortable, you can opt to pre-pay for fuel at the counter to avoid fueling up your rental before returning it. If you prefer, you can refuel the vehicle to the same fuel level you received when you pick up the vehicle. If you return your rental car with less fuel than you rented it with, you will be charged a refueling fee.


Car Rental Insurance & Protection Products


When renting a car from Alamo in Mexico, third party liability (TPL) coverage is mandatory. This covers third party liability for you and your belongings, as well as the legal expenses. Your rental does not include protection products. You can add TPL to your online reservation or at the Alamo counter when you pick up your rental car. This pricing is not included in the vehicle rental price. We also offer additional protection products that you can purchase along with your rental vehicle.




Travel Tips in Mexico


Popular Cars to Get Around


Check out our fleet to find the perfect vehicle for your Cancun vacation. We recommended these popular vehicles for your next trip:


• Compact Car: Compact cars offer great gas mileage and the ease of driving and parking in high traffic areas.


• Mid-size Car: An intermediate car rprovides more room for passengers and luggage than most smaller cars.


• SUV: Perfect for long road trips and family vacations with room to seat up 5 passengers or more.


Top Driving Tips

  • Speed limits are posted in kilometers, not miles per hour.
  • Be alert - the speed limit may change along the highway.
  • Be aware of speed bumps (commonly called “topes”), pot holes and left-hand highway exits when traveling.
  • Drinking and driving is strictly forbidden.
  • Infants and children must be secured in the proper car seats.
  • Be careful driving at night. Nighttime can make it difficult to see hairpin turns or narrow shoulders.
  • You’ll need a permit to driving in “The Border Zone” (also called the “Free Trade Zone”), which extends 10-20 miles south of the border.
  • Pass with extreme care. There are typically no hard shoulders on Mexican highways, only ditches.


Top Destinations to Visit


  • Cancun – Known for its beautiful beaches and exuberant nightlife. Surrounded by clear Caribbean water, this destination is popular for everyone from first-time tourists to family fun-seekers.
  • Guadalajara – The second largest urban area in Mexico. Your family will love its charming city center and its passion for the arts and mariachi.
  • Cabo San Lucas – Filled with beautiful beaches and family-friendly aquatic activities. Swim with dolphins, surf the waves or explore the serene waters of the Sea of Cortez.
  • Cozumel – Surrounded by plenty of natural beauty. Swim, sail or snorkel in the beautiful crystal-clear waters or create your own adventure at one of Cozumel’s many natural reefs or botanical gardens.  


Kid-Friendly Vacation Spots


Heading to Mexico for family vacation? These popular destinations are perfect for kids and adults alike.

  • Puerto Vallarta – There is no shortage of water sports in Puerto Vallarta. From snorkeling, surfing, kayaking, windsurfing or parasailing, there’s something for everyone in your family to enjoy.
  • Tulum – Known for its beaches and Mayan ruins. Discover coral reefs and caves on an adventure-filled excursion or spend your day exploring the sights and sounds of the city.
  • Los Cabos – This favorite tourist attraction is brimming with music, delicious food and local shopping. Spend time snorkeling, sailing or discovering hidden wonders at this idyllic destination.


Best Times to Travel

Depending on the type of weather you prefer, the best time to visit Mexico is between December and April when there is virtually no rain.