Directions from Arriving Flights

To Teófilo Otoni (TFLC71)

Follow these steps when you arrive at Teófilo Otoni (TFLC71)

Take the BR-116 in Teófilo OtonI 3 min (1.2 km)

Drive west to R.Dois 1.1 km

Turn right onto the ramp to Teofilo Otoni 95 m

Follow the BR-116 3 min (2.6 km)

Take the BR-116 2.4 km

Slight left to stay on BR-116 190 m

Continue to BR-116 / BR-342 27 sec (220 m)

Slight right toward the BR-116 / BR-342 200 m

Keep left to continue toward BR-116 / BR-342 16m

Slight right at BR-116 / BR-342

Turn right onto Av. Alberto Laender

The destination will be right